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Lianmei Holdings promotes growth with technology Environmentally friendly heating technology supports light asset expansion

On September 13, Lianmei Holding announced that the shareholders' meeting voted to pass the mid-term dividend plan. The company reported a net profit of 450 million yuan, and plans to pay 1.6 yuan per 10 shares of cash. The performance of the company has attracted more investors' attention.

It is understood that Lianmei Holding is an environmentally-friendly new energy integrated operator driven by technological innovation. Its main business is environmentally friendly heating. In 2005, the United States Group entered Shenyang and opened its doors. The listed company was renamed as United Beauty Holdings. In the following 12 years, operating income, net profit, and heating area continued to increase.

An environmentally friendly heating company that has been growing for 12 years has given investors the first impression of being "reliable." After seeing all kinds of farce in the capital market, such listed companies that have been growing for a long time, have been deeply rooted in the main business, and have been paying attention to technology-led technology and have continued to grow, are very "precious".

“In the past, our company may be more focused on the development of the industry, the research and development of technology, the actions in the capital market and the communication with investors are not enough. We will strengthen this part in the future.” Liu Sisheng, the secretary of the United States Holdings.

Technology brings environmental technology diversity

By 2016, listed companies have ushered in a leap-forward development, and major shareholders have reorganized their various high-quality environmental heating companies into listed companies. Therefore, listed companies are more competitive in heating technology and heating area. The technology has achieved diversity and the heating area has doubled. In 2017, listed companies raised 3.87 billion yuan through private placement, laying the foundation for extended expansion.

Last year's restructuring brought a variety of technologies to listed companies, and increased energy-saving and environmental protection businesses such as coal-fired high-efficiency cogeneration, water source heat pump heating, biomass cogeneration, and energy monitoring and management.

It is reported that these different technologies can support more environmentally friendly heating solutions tailored to local conditions. For example, the water source heat pump technology combines the waste heat energy of waste water with the waste heat for centralized heat supply, and the environmental protection efficiency is remarkable. This technology is the first in China and internationally leading, and is listed as a demonstration project of the Ministry of Construction.

For example, biomass cogeneration is to fully burn in large biomass heating boilers by recovering straw and other agricultural and forestry waste materials, while generating heat and electricity.

“With the increase in the proportion of domestic clean energy use, the company is actively investing in environmental protection and new energy as a traditional energy heating company. For the traditional heat source, the company has independently developed and built a “zero” emission. 'Fume gas four-in-one recycling' system; at the same time, in the field of new energy, mastered the water source heat pump, biomass cogeneration technology, and the project has been completed and put into operation. Finally, the company hopes to form a resource endowment according to different regions, to the main, The secondary and micro-level systems are the framework of heating service systems, combining traditional and new energy technologies to provide customers with optimal solutions.” Huatai Securities Research Report is an analysis.

Environmentally friendly heating technology support Light asset expansion

It can be seen from the above that the technical innovation of the United States Holdings is also for the sake of efficiency, and it is also environmentally friendly. In the case of severe fog in the heating season in the north of the winter, it is necessary to do practical things to reduce smog. The company won the bid for the heating franchise project in Huanggu District of Shenyang City in July.

In order to control the smog, Shenyang City has a rigid environmental protection requirement for heating boilers. The heating in Huanggu District of Shenyang City has profit pressure, and there are many complaints and some heating and environmental protection are not up to standard. Therefore, Huanggu District Heating Company will auction its 15 years of operation rights of 5.3 million square meters of heating area. The requirements are in compliance with heating standards. Meet environmental requirements.

The primary of the company's ability to win the bid for the project is that its heating meets environmental requirements. At the same time, the company expressed in the announcement that the winning bid to enhance the company's operating capabilities and increase the company's efficiency.

Why is Lianmei Holdings more optimistic about the profitability of the winning project? The announcement shows that “the company integrates its own advantages with the other's business, and uses the company's information integration application system (EIIS system) as the driving force for technology. Under the premise of fine management, it realizes new expansion of the company's existing heating area. ”

In addition, the project is a new model for the company's light asset expansion: copying and expanding existing businesses, and copying and expanding in the province and the country with Shenyang as the entry point.

"After winning the bid, the company will increase the franchise scope of Huanggu District, and the heating area will increase by more than 10%. Considering the flexibility of network connection, the project may increase the company's performance by more than 10%." GF Securities also expressed I am optimistic about the winning bid.

The United States can achieve the expansion of light assets, which is the technical strength of its technological innovation. In this regard, Huatai Securities' research report said that “the company, as a domestic heating company that insists on refined management, has begun its technical output in the management and operation fields, and has formed light assets by hosting third-party heat source points. Extended mode."

Together with the 5.3 million square meters of heating area brought about by the expansion of light assets, as of June 2017, the company's heating area has exceeded 50 million square meters. According to the company's disclosure, the company has been approved to have an unconnected network area of ??up to 70 million square meters, which is more than double the existing heating area, providing sufficient space for the company's sustainable development." Huatai Securities Research Report is an analysis.

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