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Strictly hit the top winds of enterprises, the Ministry of Environmental Protection "iron fists pollution control" can not be ignored

[China Environmental Protection Online Media Guide] One round after another, environmental protection supervision work has been carried out one after another, demonstrating the determination of the central environmental remediation. The road to promote the construction of ecological civilization is not smooth, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection has also taken out 12 points of responsibility and perseverance to promote the environmental remediation work throughout the country, so that the "iron-handed pollution control" is loud and unbearable.



Strictly hit the top winds of enterprises, the Ministry of Environmental Protection "iron fists pollution control" can not be ignored

"More than 3 million vehicles have been reduced, which is equivalent to the loss of output value of 300 billion yuan. The situation is urgent." Recently, the German company Schaeffler Group Greater China hoped that the relevant letter from the relevant departments of Shanghai "opened one side" caused many concerns.

At first glance, huge figures and huge losses have made the readers move and worried the industry. However, the reason for the investigation will be found that the origin of the help is that the company's needle roller raw material supplier was “discontinued due to environmental protection reasons” and was dismantled and dismantled related production equipment. This is inevitably suspected of being self-sufficient. In just over a dozen hours, Schaeffler issued a new statement saying that it has mobilized global resources to properly handle supply chain issues, and the current impact on production is controllable.

However, the grievances of the letter of help have begun to spread, and even caused great concern from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The cause of the incident has slowly surfaced. It turned out that as early as nine months ago, the supplier had received a notice of environmental rectification, but turned a deaf ear to commit crimes. The so-called "100,000 urgent incidents" is nothing but Schaeffler and its suppliers have long ignored the environmental protection. As the environmental protection department said, "Does this German enterprise really need to reflect on its own environmental management?"

Obviously, on the grounds of influencing the development of China's auto industry, “kidnapping” the current environmental protection policy; using high economic losses as an excuse to win public sympathy, Schaeffler's help is like “a fight”. It needs to be seen that although the “100,000 fires” of enterprises have been eliminated, the “100,000 fires” in the field of environmental protection have not been alleviated. From the huge seepage pit of nearly 170,000 square meters in North China to the ecological environment damage of Qilian Mountain in Gansu Province... In recent years, the pressure of environmental protection and the environmental protection situation have never been unprecedented. For this reason, from the end of 2015, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector patrol began in Hebei, and the environmental protection accountability storm has risen and covered 31 provinces across the country. More than 15,000 people have been held accountable. "It turned out to be a slap in the face, and this time I felt the knife was really on my neck."

It must be acknowledged that many contradictions of ecological environmental protection today are traced back to economic development problems, largely due to excessive dependence on increasing material and resource consumption, excessive dependence on scale expansion, and excessive dependence on high energy consumption. The development model of the emission industry. Then there is a voice that there is a natural contradiction between environmental protection and economic development. Needless to say, if you limit your attention to the current 300 million yuan, Schaeffler and other companies will inevitably pay the corresponding price; but if you look to the future, the output value of 300 billion yuan will be enlarged to 3 trillion, 30 trillion, It will be found that environmental protection is a cause that is conducive to the present and the future. On the other hand, for Schaeffler, what is the current squandering, is it not for the compensation of the past ecological debt, for the future ecological potential investment?

On the issue of ecological environmental protection, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always stressed the need to “calculate big accounts, calculate long-term accounts, calculate overall accounts, and calculate consolidated accounts”. “Never sacrifice the ecological environment for the temporary development of the economy”. Therefore, we can't just look at the number of exaggerated words. We don't care about environmental protection measures. We can't shake the original intention of "iron-handed pollution control" because of the weakening of the polluting enterprises. Enterprises should also understand that it is not a joke to use the courage and dedication of a strong man to break his wrist and to show his sword to all acts that damage the environment with the determination and courage of "hard-touching" and "moving the true personality."

Original title: 300 billion loss of 100,000 fires? "Iron wrist pollution" no jokes

(Source: People's Network)

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