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Implementing the concept of environmental protection Yiling Pharmaceutical became the first batch of state-level green factories

[China Pharmaceutical Network Enterprise News] Any pharmaceutical company that gives people the first impression is not a cold plant, equipment and medicinal sensation in the air, but it covers an area of ??830 acres in Shijiazhuang National High-tech Development Zone. There is a scene in the pharmaceutical industry park. Tian Xiangli, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of Hebei Province and Minister of Propaganda Department, greatly appreciated it when he visited the Yiling Pharmaceutical Industry: “The Yiling factory area is beautiful, like a big garden.”

Recently, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “First Model of Green Manufacturing System in 2017”, including 201 green factories. The evaluation of green factories for various enterprises across the country aims to promote the construction of green manufacturing systems and promote the green development of industry. At the same time, the selected green factories will serve as a new benchmark for various industries. Yiling Pharmaceutical has become the first batch of state-level green factories by actively implementing the green development concept for many years. It is reported that only 13 companies in the national pharmaceutical companies are shortlisted.

In the development process of Yiling Pharmaceutical, not only the quality concept of “pharmaceutical quality is more important than Taishan, people’s life is above everything else” is implemented, but also the concept of green development runs through the whole process of plant construction, drug research and development, and green through the park. The implementation of projects such as planning, product process innovation, and waste resource utilization has realized land intensification, material harmlessness, production cleanliness, waste resource utilization, and low-carbon energy. It has emerged as a green development cycle of circular economy, which is beneficial to both. Social ecological environment protection has increased the economic efficiency of enterprises and improved the competitiveness of products, and has a good demonstration effect.

Low-carbon cycle system, remarkable results in energy saving and consumption reduction

At present, resources are scarce and the environmental pollution situation is severe. Yiling Pharmaceutical has reduced environmental pollution and achieved good social and economic benefits through energy conservation through waste resource recovery, new energy utilization and pollutant treatment.

Annual treatment of 30,000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine slag biogas station,

All along, the treatment and reuse of traditional Chinese medicine slag is a common problem in the Chinese medicine industry. Yiling Pharmaceutical produces 30,000 tons of Chinese medicine waste every year and spends a lot of money to deal with it. "In order to solve this problem, the company has invested more than 30 million yuan to build and implement the 'production base Chinese medicine slag comprehensive utilization project'. The Chinese medicine waste residue can be fermented to produce biogas, biogas slurry and biogas residue. The biogas slurry and biogas residue can be processed. High-quality organic fertilizer and farmed bait; through the biogas boiler, it can produce 15,000 tons of steam per year for pharmaceutical production, which is equivalent to saving 2000 tons of coal per year! By-product sulfur will be produced during the process of biogas production, we use wet method The desulfurization technology recovers sulfur, which not only reduces the pollution to the environment, but also gains new benefits.” said the director of the Yiling Pharmaceutical Engineering Department. This circular economy and comprehensive utilization project of Yiling Pharmaceutical has turned the residue of traditional Chinese medicine into waste and provided a demonstration for Chinese medicine enterprises.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources. Yiling Pharmaceutical has built and installed “photovoltaic power stations” and “solar heat collection systems” after considering the economics and the actual geographical situation of Shijiazhuang. “Using the idle area of ??the factory roof, we can build photovoltaic power stations, which can save 800,000 yuan of electricity every year, which is equivalent to one year's electricity bill for 1,000 households; and the solar collector system is indirectly through heat exchangers and reservoirs. Heat exchange, 800 tons of hot water can be obtained every day at 60 °C, which can reduce a large amount of carbon emissions, soot emissions and sulfur dioxide emissions every year," said Director Jiao Lijun. It is understood that in the entire pharmaceutical industry, only a pharmaceutical company in Yiling has built and installed a photovoltaic power station, which is at the forefront of the industry in the use of new energy.

In addition, Yiling Pharmaceutical invested nearly 10 million yuan to build a waste heat recovery hot water project, using the process circulating water waste heat utilization scheme to recycle the steam generated by the boiling of the liquid; investing 500,000 yuan to build an energy metering system to optimize the whole process of production. Investing 1 million yuan to build a power energy optimization system can save 10% of energy; design and install two alcohol recovery towers and two sets of alcohol tail gas recovery systems in the extraction workshop, saving 1,000 tons of alcohol per year.

High-tech application to improve product market competitiveness

Over the years, Yiling Pharmaceutical has always insisted on technological innovation to lead the development of enterprises. At the same time, it constantly uses modern high-tech to carry out product process optimization and production equipment transformation, which not only improves product quality, but also improves resource utilization. The most prominent is the successful application of "micro-crushing technology".

Yiling Pharmaceutical and Tsinghua University jointly tackled the problem. After five years, the “superfine pulverization technology” was successfully applied to the production of Chinese patent medicine Tongxinluo Capsule. As the first Chinese traditional medicine preparation for applying micro-grinding technology to insect-containing animal drugs, Superfine Powder Tongxinluo Capsule has obtained 8 national invention patents. Micron technology enhances its pharmacological activity, absorption rate of active ingredients, and alleviates adverse drug reactions. . Clinical studies have shown that Tongxinluo Capsules produced by micron technology have achieved the same therapeutic effect as the original process when the dosage is reduced by 1/3. The successful application of this technology can save 25% to 50% of the medicine, greatly reducing production costs. It not only plays a role in protecting important animal medicine resources, but also reduces the cost of traditional Chinese medicine treatment and reduces the medical burden on the masses. The project won the second prize of the National Technology Invention.

“In fact, we have applied a high-tech in the production process of other medicines,” said Yang Chao, director of the Hebei Project Department of the Yiling Pharmaceutical R&D Center. “We were once severely viscous by the traditional Chinese medicine extract and dry and sticky. In order to solve this problem, Yiling Pharmaceutical invested 1.6 million yuan to transform the belt vacuum drying equipment for the first time, and it will be dry for the first time. Granulation is carried out in a belt vacuum drying equipment, which simplifies the production process, reduces the drying time and drying times of the extract and particles, improves the product quality, saves energy and labors by about 6 million yuan per year, and reduces production costs. , greatly improving the competitiveness of the product market. It is understood that the belt vacuum drying technology is the first in China, which improves the overall technical level of the belt vacuum drying equipment, and has small investment, quick effect and obvious economic benefits. It has applied the technology to develop new products and transform old products in the Chinese medicine industry. Demonstration role.

Scientific planning and design to create a green ecological park

The first impression of any pharmaceutical company is that it is a cold plant, equipment and medicinal smell that permeates the air. However, in the 830-acre Yiling Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang National High-tech Development Zone, there is a scene. There are more than 40 kinds of seedlings, nearly one million trees and shrubs, and the green area is nearly 160,000 square meters. There are 3 lakes and 1 river in the factory, and there are Shennong Baicao Garden, Zhonghua Yangshengyuan, Golden Avenue, Jinyinshan, etc. Green landscape belt. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a big tree with trees and flowers. Tian Xiangli, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of Hebei Province and Minister of Propaganda Department, greatly appreciated it when he visited the Yiling Pharmaceutical Industry: “The Yiling factory area is beautiful, like a big garden.”

Some people will say that in today's water scarcity, how much water and money is wasted in such a large-scale greening environment. On the contrary, Yiling Pharmaceutical has realized the comprehensive utilization of water resources through the scientific planning of the plant. According to the director of the Sticky Army, the Yiling Pharmaceutical Industrial Park introduced a green environmental protection concept at the initial stage of construction. The entire plant scientific plan has established a “rainwater recovery system” and a “water system” water cycle system with a total investment of 20 million yuan. The “rainwater recovery system” covers almost the entire plant area, and the rainwater on the roof and pavement enters the water circulation system through the system, and the recoverable area is about 300,000 square meters. The “China Water System” is installed in all buildings in the plant, mainly for flushing and greening. “Completely, the two sets of water circulation systems can save 100,000 tons of water per year, which saves water resources, saves money for the company, and contributes to the green landscape of the plant.” Mr. Sticky introduced. In addition, LED energy-saving lamps can be seen everywhere in the production workshops and office areas of Yiling Pharmaceutical. Solar lighting facilities are also built in the park. More than 4 million yuan is invested in decontamination equipment in the sewage treatment station and production workshop to reduce and eliminate Odor contamination. It must be said that all aspects of Yiling Pharmaceuticals reflect the concept of green environmental protection.

It is understood that Yiling Pharmaceutical, which has beautiful environment and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, has not only become a demonstration site for industrial tourism in Shijiazhuang, but also the first demonstration base for recreation and tourism in China. Currently, it is applying for the National Industrial Tourism 4A level scenic spot.

Over the years, Yiling Pharmaceutical has adhered to the concept of green development and vigorously promoted the construction of efficient, clean, low-carbon and recycling systems to achieve rapid growth and healthy development of enterprises. It can be seen that the construction of green factories does not conflict with the development of enterprises, and the two complement each other and promote each other. It is believed that in the future development of Yiling Pharmaceutical, it will definitely make greater contributions to beautiful Shijiazhuang, beautiful Hebei and beautiful China.

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